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Hakko Solder Pots

Hakko Solder Pots

Hakko Solder Pots are ideal for solder-based terminal treatment of lead wires, removal of electronic components from a printed circuit board, tinning, and similar soldering applications. Both models are lead-free compatible. The FX301B-03 Digital Solder Pot features a built-in time for auto-shutoff with 4 selectable settings for solder type. The FX300-03 is an analog version of the FX301B-03.

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Hakko FM2027-01 Soldering Iron

Hakko FM2027-01 Solder Iron

The Hakko FM2027-01 Handpiece is used with the FX951 Solder Station as well as the FM-203 and FM-204 Solder Stations. The locking connector assembly on this handpiece provides additional support to a T15 series tip. The tip locks into the sleeve assembly with an audible click and then the sleeve assembly locks into the connector. To unlock the assembly the operator simply presses the tabs on the sleeve assembly.

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